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  • Looking for a helpful link to more information about LGBT health? 
  • Wondering what national LGBT organizations might have the info you need? 
  • Are you a healthcare provider or medical practice manager looking for resources to learn more about effectively serving your LGBT patients?
  • Are you a patient, looking for a resources to share with your health care provider?

You've found the right place - wer're here to help!  All this, and more - explore the pages in this section for the answers to these and many other questions.

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Resources from Out for Health

Out for Health posters, info, and more
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Planned Parenthood Services

Make an appointment, learn about our programs and services, and more!
PPSFL Family Building Project Thumb

PPSFL Family Building Project

A unique service at our Ithaca health center for LGBT individuals and couples who are starting or building their family.
Providing Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Services Thumb

Providing Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Services

PPSFL's award winning publication
For Parents & Families Thumb

For Parents & Families

Accepting parents, healthy children
LGBT Health Books Thumb

LGBT Health Books

Recommended reading for LGBT people about health and healthcare
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