Finding a Provider

Finding a provider that you feel comfortable with and that can address your unique needs is a process.  Here are some steps you can take:

  • Ask for referrals. Ask friends and healthcare providers you trust about LGBT friendly providers in your area. You can also check the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association's Healthcare Provider Directory
  • Call your health insurance carrier, if you have one.  Ask if they have a list of LGBT-friendly providers.  If not, suggest they compile one!
  • Ask questions. Call or visit the provider's website to see if the provider has a nondiscrimination policy, displays a pride symbol on their website, or notes areas of interest and expertise in LGBT people and families.  Call and ask if the staff is trained in LGBT health issues.  Remember to also ask about the insurance plans they accept, what services they offer, and whether they have expertise in specific medical needs you may have, 
  • Visit the office.  Is there a nondiscrimination statement displayed?  Are there LGBT magazines, pamphlets, or posters?
  • Talk with the doctor.  Does the doctor seem comfortable?  Have they worked with LGBT patients before?  Do you feel comfortable with them?