Q & A

How do I make an appointment for sexual/reproductive healthcare at Planned Parenthood?

Use our easy, convenient online appointment request process. If you'd rather schedule by phone, find the number of the health center nearest to you.

Where does Planned Parenthood have health centers?

Our health centers are located throought the southern Fingerlakes region and Southern Tier.  Find the location nearest you.

Where can healthcare providers find online training about LGBT health?

Several sources of expert, convenient online trainings for healthcare providers are available.  See our Resources For Providers section for more details.

Can you recommend a great book on gay men's health?

There are many to choose in the Resources section.  Check it out!

What LGBT-themed events are coming up in the region?

See the News and Events section for upcoming LGBT events in the area!

How do I get a copy of the free PDF on providing transgender-inclusive healthcare?

Download it free from the Resources section!

I'm thinking of starting a family, or adding to my family.  Can Planned Parenthood help?

Our Family Buidling Project provides unique services for LGBT people who are considering staring or building their family.

Aren't health issues all the same, LGBT or not?

Not really!  Because of a combination of factors (access to care, stress, stigma, and others) LGBT people experience health disparities that other people don't, and may be at risk for particular health conditions and issues.  Find out more!